17 • Ten days on the road

On the Road with
SteelRoses MC

5000Km • 10Days

Limited edition
Format: A5
Pages: 196
Paper: Cyclus print 140gr
Rilegatura: Filo-refe

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• 17 • SteelRosesMC • Year: 2017 • “S” is the seventeenth letter of the alphabet. Steel Roses. Bikers. Society in society. Another time in this time. They dart with their bikes, they dig a groove in the fields, they plow the ground. I follow them, I get lost with them in the streets crossing borders, in open-air camps, among the chapters soaked in alcohol. The flowing of the days has a different value, short breaths at high speed. The night is very short. There is no time for useless thoughts. Everything is very practical. I am a passenger. With the flowing of the days, I’m more and more comfortable on the bike. Among heavy metals, rules, hierarchies, I identify the positive side of the coin: an unusual sense of protection. Ten days of delirium in which I go out of my routine to get into their everyday life. Ten days of flashbacks, projected back almost seventy years, to 1948. And the return to reality, my reality, is traumatic. But that is another matter • words: Paola Corrias •

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The mini-book with text/diary is soldout; only 4 copies of the photo book are available. Contact me if you are interested. Thank you