First Limited edition

Format: 18x24cm    Pages: 172

Paper: Cyclus print 140gr

Cover: Cartoncino Naturale 300gr

Rilegatura: Filo-refe

DISAPPEARANCE 2012-2015 • To lie down on a mass confusion on the uncertainties of the others is a way to find truce, to help the birth of new thoughts. To not lose the right direction whatever happens is what should be wished to each person we care of… to ourselves. How many of us are conscious of our own journey? We would rather be aware of our dismay than set which way to go… cause sooner or later it will change direction it will end without notice. When frenzy increases… it is more difficult to communicate something deep… intense. Losing what once our cardinal points seemed to be, getting lost amongst the people, is a starting point.

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